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a special place in a youths life where they get the chance to sit around and experienc....absolutly nuthing.many of the inhabitants of the land of iss beleive they are funny and are the "baddest asses" in town. usually seen in iss are the folowing tpe of people
a.) hardcore emo ba's
b.)the good student who was tardy a few times
c.)the goofball (the one who does the showing off usually)
d.)the overlly crank teacher...who is pissed because he/she isnt a real teacher
wow this kid in iss is a dumb ass because he thinks he is funny
by Mel LeVeque May 02, 2008

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a very small comunity in south dakota, witch also serves as the state capitol. there isnt much to do here,alot of people drink and smoke marijuanna.also here are cops who like to flip cars by hiting them a block away from the school.one of the major highlights of this town is,walmart
pierre south dakota is rather booring....but oh wait there's wallmart!!!
by Mel LeVeque May 02, 2008

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This is an action of witch two , either male on male or male on female, are haveing sexual intercorse via doggy style. upon climax the male doing the penetration withdrawls his said penis and ejaculates unto the partners buttox or back area. when the two said partners lie down on the sheets the sperm will infuse the sheets with the area of "wet" body. when the subject rises the sheet will be attached to the area of skin.and appear to be a "superman" cape
ask your parents for further information on "superman that hoe"
by Mel LeVeque April 25, 2008

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