In School Suspension, also known as OCS, On Campus Suspension. A beggining for punks or delinquents, the first stop before alternative school and eventually jail.
"Shit, man, I got another four days of ISS."
by Styk Stoker April 25, 2004
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person 1-What ya doing?
person2-Itching my balls
person1-Argh of course ISS
by twatnose September 06, 2010
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"I'm so sure!" said like a Valley Girl. (see also the movie Clueless)
He told you that you looked fat? ISS
by Michael Walker April 03, 2013
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Itchy Scrot Syndrome
A non-contagious condition wich has seemed to spread throughout the northe east of england and is rapidly spreading across the world. Thought to be caused my shaving of the region or just over "use".
George: Hey man
Ben: Hey
George: Hows it going
Ben : Ahh I think I have ISS
George: Unlucky man, put some ice cream on it
Ben : Good Idea bro, Peace
by Jelly Man April 20, 2008
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Imperial Star Ship

Prefix used by the Terran Empire; from the original Star Trek episode "Mirror, Mirror";
Computer: "...succeeded to command of I.S.S. Enterprise through assasination of...."
by WitnessX June 20, 2006
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The new lol, it means I slightly smiled, which is exactly what you do.
A: Guess what I just saw brain cheese, it tasted good.
B: iss
by BilloJill September 24, 2006
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