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I don’t know if I can get my GED. This has proven itself extremely difficult.
Isn’t there some way to rig the GED? Cause I just can’t do the math. Maybe I have a Disability but it is really taking my time. Can anyone give me anything that will end my torment? I really don’t understand the Math. I feel stuck and trapped. It’s really bad timing cause I will be 30 years old soon. I’m so tired of being held down. It has truly played me.
by Zatarain’s Root Beer Drinker February 10, 2021
The world seems too messed up to the point where modern society seems stupid and irrelevant. Is there any hope in this place anymore.
Something has to happen soon or I’m going to lose my mind. SEEMS LIKE My life is becoming more and more irrelevant.
by Zatarain’s Root Beer Drinker November 23, 2020
The year NASCAR sold out to the man.
In 2020, NASCAR decided it would ban Confederate flags from its Sports events. Just to satisfy a few politically correct individuals. Talk about shooting itself in the foot.
Take care of yourself and take care of your family. What do the rest of the people mean to you they don’t mean anything to you. They’re just serfs, they’re just people.

Take care of your own life.
What do you care about the people for
A person or group of people that are very serious and stern. Often they are very self-absorbed, introverted and conceited. They hold strong opinions and are very bold. They are very passionate, serious, blunt, aloof and cold. They tend to unintentionally intimidate other people around them with these personality traits.
Most Polish, Russians, Ukrainians, etc. and other Eastern Europeans are very intense.
by Zatarain’s Root Beer Drinker October 16, 2020
The only thing I have is my house. I’m actually praying for an economic collapse or recession so that the transplants here all move out of Louisiana. This is why I think Joe Biden might be helping my cause. I would really like to get certain people out of my way.
The only thing I have is my house pretty much. I’m not going to lose it because it’s in my name.
by Zatarain’s Root Beer Drinker February 28, 2021