A beautiful girl but she doesn't know it guys stare at her want to have her but she doesn't rush relationships but if you did date her she's a dream girl. Has the most beautiful voice talented fast learner, loves music, acts like a kid some times, smart/wise, has the most cutest laughs, is very lovable when you get to know her. Don't like talking to people she doesn't know, shy around people she doesn't know. Loves to be around friends, dog lover. She has her own cute still that no one else has, and healthy. Basically she's a nice tall glass of water.
Isley is the best fucken girl ever and hot af.
by JjGame March 21, 2016
One of the prettiest girls you’ll ever meet. Her smile is breath taking and her eyes will make you melt. She has the biggest heart and would do anything for the people she loves. She is smart and kind and succeeds in everything she does. Its hard not to love a girl like Isley.
Isley makes the world stop spinning
by meredithstar January 24, 2019
A boy who does not like too much attention, likes some attention but not much, has to be the right amount. Has a dark sense of humor and can be confusing.
Person 1: I think Isley is making fun of me?
Person 2: I think so too!
Person 3: he can be a little confusing sometimes but he means well
by 274!(!@210 April 26, 2019
A beautiful girl with gorgeous eyes that will make your jaw drop, and make you speechless.
Bro, I just found my Isley. I cherish her for all eternity.
by 1213-1213=0 December 14, 2020
Arriving to something so late, you might as well not have come at all.
Wow Mike, that party was form 7-10 and you showed up at 9:30. Way to pull an Isley.
by Skkyoung April 11, 2011