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Amery is a warm, friendly, loving person who loves her friends but sometimes she feels ignored by them. she wishes her friends (all of them) would make more time for her. She’s super sensitive and often time feels alone. She doesn’t get down though cause she knows there’s always brighter days ahead.
Amery looks kind of down. You should go talk to her.

Yeah, okay I will!
by 274!(!@210 May 10, 2019

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Jaymi believes in taking things one day at a time.
One day at a time - Jaymi
by 274!(!@210 May 05, 2019

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A boy who does not like too much attention, likes some attention but not much, has to be the right amount. Has a dark sense of humor and can be confusing.
Person 1: I think Isley is making fun of me?
Person 2: I think so too!
Person 3: he can be a little confusing sometimes but he means well
by 274!(!@210 April 25, 2019

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Tesa doesn’t believe in being pushy.
Tesa is a turtle
by 274!(!@210 May 05, 2019

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Sami is a flawed individual just like everyone else. She values one on one communication and always is there to listen to a friend. She likes being there for people and yeah sometimes she forgives too easily, she’s working on it, she prefers talking about it. She’s not a pushover though, don’t get it confused. she’s intuitive and loves to make amends and making peace.
by 274!(!@210 May 05, 2019

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Zaidey loves it when you talk about change, she is a wild girl at times but when she finds the right one, she will settle down. She loves playing board games and reading books and making hot cocoa on rainy days and spending time in the outdoors with her besties on sunny days. She’s antsy and is usually always working on something at home, she likes to keep her hands busy. She loves art and has traveled a lot. She’s experienced a lot in life and sometimes people don’t listen to her so it just makes her value the people that do and have even more.
Just a little bit about zaidey
by 274!(!@210 May 05, 2019

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Aemos is lumberjack, he works hard by day and by night he retreats to his cabin in the deep forest, there he gives his achy and defined muscles a rest. He reads by candlelight next to the fire in his home. Hes built his home by hand. He smokes on his pipe, he waits for his wife to come home. She arrives, they embrace each other, it’s been a long hard winter and they’ve been away from each for some time now. He pours her a glass of wine, they dine by candlelight. Afterward, she massages his achy chest, the muscles on his shoulders, his forearms. They embrace and he begins to kiss her. She’s suspended in time in his arms. She’s never quite felt like this, it’s as thought they’re teenagers again. He picks her up, they move to the bedroom. There he’s got petals of roses and candles strewn about the room. He caresses her cheek, he loves in for a kiss. They begin to passionately make love.
Aemos is my Dream come true
by 274!(!@210 May 12, 2019

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