This expression is actually mostly used in India, but has through extensive migration of Indians to the US spread. It basically means "cannot be" or "that can't be". Usually said with indian/english accent.
Ravi: I studied so hard for the exam and still I got an F!
Ajay: Is cannot?!?!?!!? Are you stupid or what?
by Maria October 9, 2004
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It's the opposite of can can.
Jeff: Yo mate what's the opposite of can can?
Bob: It's cannot cannot
by maybe can December 28, 2022
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something sucks so much or just is not on par with what you really want.
" cannot my dude"

"this rain cannot"

"Yo this shit cannot kid"
by just nelis baby May 29, 2009
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1. Originally an expression used to signify that something was not possible but now more widely used as a synonym for "will not"
2. abbrev. of "cannot be bothered"
1. I cannot believe it
2. I cannot make it in to work today because I have sprained my eyeball.
3. I cannot pay my child maintenance this month
by Aarathon November 23, 2004
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When you have had enough of a situation. An incomplete phrase however understood by multiple youths
Jamie: Mom I need $ for clothes
Mom: No Jamie, you need a job

Jamie: ugh! Literally mom, I cannot
Mom: Jamie what the hell are you talking about?
by ladybugmafia3456 May 19, 2014
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means the thing that she can't do, with emphasis on her inability to do the thing; stronger form of "she can't even"; milder form of "she can't not even"
by sir constipator January 20, 2017
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