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A person who is funny without realizing it, charming and who loves the number six. He is considered to be a player by some of his friends, though he barely even realizes that he might be hurting some feelings. He has a great laugh and good eyes, and curly hair that really adds to his profile when it's long. He's determined and smart, and toally unique, just like the rest of us. :)
Person 1: Oh my gosh, who has that great curly hair over there?
Person 2:Silly, that's Ajay, don't you know him?
by Maddest of the O's May 06, 2011
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A really laid back person.

Indian name for a handsome boy

usually marry girls named shreya
Oh he's a total ajay
by sheikhas July 10, 2009
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A synonym for awesome. This is the highest rank of awesomest and it's impossible to get any higher. Everyone wishes they were this level of awesomeness
This world would be lost without Ajay.
by The Papu Papu of Pizza March 28, 2011
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ajay is the biggest P.I.M.P ever. he is the most respected and notorious gangster alive. he owns you, your mommy, and your daddy.
Oh snap, Ajay is comin, and he's going to take my girl, my money, and and my shit. Time to run the fuck away, cause Ishan will pwn me otherwise.
by Mahatma gandalf April 21, 2018
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someone who is also known as chockie,puddy and get handjob blowjobs and third base from woman everyday and he is only teenager and he gets more then u and ur whole community combined so you should be jelous of this huy cause hes ballin
megan fox :hey ajay ur soo hot i want ur dick soo bad can i have it please

ajay: wait in the mother fucking line ho
by ladies cant handle me January 07, 2012
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Creative person, for example, he/she is good at writing poetry, making art, or photography. Very shy around people, but once on the internet he/she opens up and loves to talk about themselves. He/she is very lazy, but once motivated, he/she will work hard.
-Did you see his poem? It's so good!
-Yeah, he definitely is A-Jay!
by naj-dra May 20, 2013
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A smart and intelligent person who knows that this trend is fake AF.

He also advises to realize that your name is just a way to identify you and doesn’t affect your personality directly.
Ajay says, β€œ Please stop this trend. The definition doesn't fucking describe you.”
by YourReeeaallName January 11, 2018
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