-an amazing device that holds every song i may crave at any given moment.
-highly stereotyped as a fashion accesory.
-ipods rock, you don't
"i use my ipod everyday, questions?"
by JAKE!!!! July 30, 2006
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For all you people who put shit on iPods because of irreplaceable batteries and hard disks and about the $250 Apple repair fee, browse the fucking nets, you morons. You obviously have a web browser, so use the fucking thing! iPods DO have replaceable batteries, AND Hard drives. My iPod is currently open and on top of my computer right now, i bought a new hard disk for it to up the capacity. The battery is connected by a wire to a socket on the mainboard, much like the battery in a cordless phone. There are plenty of companies around that make replacement parts (ie the HDD is just a 1.8in Toshiba) so quit your bitching about them. It costs about $75 for a new battery and $150 for a new HD! I agree, Apple over-charges for the "replacement scheme" but seriously, if you think that Apple suck so much why follow their advice and not open your iPod? Morons.
Everyone who thinks that iPods are lame because of irreplaceable batteries are fuckwits who probably can't afford them.
by Gerron February 17, 2006
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An ipod is a litle MP3 player. Some people that don't have alot of money, or like to hear themselves type, say that it is the most horrible attrocity against man since Nazism. If u like it, buy it, if not, dont.
*ragging maniac* "AHH AN IPOD SUCKZZ AND I DONT LIKE IT AND IT IS CRAPPY AND IT IS NOT (insert product name) !!!11!11"
*myself* Hey, Ipods are cool
by drawrf November 18, 2007
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An mp3 player developed by Apple. It is usually on a one-for-the-price-of-two sale. Additionally, a popular sales tactic associated with it is the "xgb" hard drive size, where x is a number usually above 20. The fine print usually reads "it is actually impossible to have 20gb worth of songs, stupid. thanks for the extra cash, retard."

It is a prime example of planned obsolescence--not only is the battery irreplaceable, but the ipod often breaks down by simply using it.

Problem: ipod is frozen.
Answer: Did you try using it? This is often the problem.

Problem: I don't have $40,000 to spend on songs
Answer: We know.

Problem: The shininess is gone. It looks like I scrubbed it with an iron sponge.
Answer: Buy a new one, asswipe. If you bought it a month ago, chances are we came out with a better version.
dude1: Dude, i just bought a brand new ipod!
dude2: Didn't you hear? The new model came out just now.

dude1: My ipod holds 20gb!
dude2: Dude you can put your 1,000 cd's on it!
dude1: I already did, and I still have 90% of the space free!

dude1: my ipod broke, dude.
dude2: what happened?
dude1: I tried listening to a song.
by William Microsoft Gates February 15, 2008
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A portable digital jukebox that fits right in my shirt pocket.
instead of having a bulky cd player in my pants pocket having to frequently change cds, i can just listen to my ipod which i have easy access to in my shitr pocket and not have to change cds
by jackson, j May 1, 2006
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The name iPod refers to a class of portable digital audio players designed and marketed by Apple Computer. (Hewlett-Packard also markets the product under the name Apple iPod + HP.) iPod offers a simple user interface designed around a central scroll wheel. Most iPod models store media on a built-in hard drive, while a lower-end model, iPod shuffle, relies on flash memory. Like most digital audio players, iPod can serve as an external hard drive while connected to a computer
I want an iPod to listen to music.
by shiruken343 May 15, 2005
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A genuine MP3 player designed by Apple. The Video iPods can hold up to 60GB of media and the nanos are thinner than a pencil. May be expensive but well worth it.

Not to mention about the haters you see on the rest of urban dictionary... Those people can't afford one that's why they want to use the Creative Zens to insult over it which make the Creative Zens also known as Lame-Flat iPods that can only sync up to 125 songs.
Person 1 : Hey It's an iPod

Person 2 : yeah

Person 1 : I can't believe you even wanna be SEEN with that piece of crap.

Person 2 : Is it becasue you can't afford one?

Person 1 : Yeah... (weeps)

Person 2 : Don't worry, you can always buy a fake and poser version of ipods called the Zen.
by Liwfun September 18, 2006
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