IPods are a brand of mp3 players that uses flash memory to store music, and documents. The iPods that come equipped with an LCD screen also have the ability to store photos, and (in more advanced models) video files. I recently purchased a 3rd generation iPod nano, and I can store all of my school documents, and Power Point documents onto it. However, the best part is I can use it for cheating on my exams. To do this, (although I´m not sure it works on other models, but it´s worth a shot), simply type out all of your notes out on to a regular Word document, and then save it to your iPod. (Its works just like a Flash Drive, so it´s quite simple). Then select the document to be able to view it on the screen. Pretty sweet, huh? (IPod nanos are the best to do this with because they´re easier to hide from the teacher).
Friend: Dude, what´d you get on your test?

Me:A 100! I used my iPod. (Shows friend notes on iPod screen).

Friend: Sweet, that pwns!
by The German one. October 06, 2007
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Expensive mp3 player designed by Apple.

Apple has conspired a master plan to ensure you pay the most possible for one of these nifty music boxes. But their plan doesn't stop at just at the main product, it goes on to all the carrying cases, the iPod docking stations, the FM radio attachments and the horrible program, iTunes.
Stan: Hey man, can i see your iPod?
Joe: Dude, with all the money I put into this thing I'm not letting anyone touch it, not even me. It's locked in a safe in my basement with all its assesories I bought for it.
by benormous April 16, 2006
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The iPod is an mp3 player made by Apple, Inc. It looks cool and costs a crapload of money; and for what? The looks and the right to say "omfg i have an ipod"
LOOK AROUND YOU, PEOPLE; there are thousands of mp3 players out there that have 10 times a many cool things it does, for CHEAPER than an iPod.
Thats my opinion

will YOU waste your money on that status symbol? i sure wont
"I'm a rich kid that wants to look cool... Lemme go get an iPod because everyone else is doing it"
by ein froosh April 10, 2005
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A digital music player produced by Apple Computer co.

The iPod is an enigma in both terms of success and controversy; some customers find the product unreliable and the battery difficult to change where as others praise its simple design and ease of use. An example of its design would be the touch-sensitive wheel that allows you to easily select an artist, album or track intuitively and at speed.

People who dislike the iPod often quote that it's over-priced, unreliable and that most people cannot use the storage space - this is mostly true for any similar device on the market, although the perceived lack of reliability of any popular product will doubtlessly be driven by how vocal disappointed individuals are. The most dumbfounding claim is that you can only use music bought from iTunes and that the software is difficult and unreliable to use. There are many third-party applications that work with an iPod, and the player supports many codecs. Should you try and transfer an unsupported codec, iTunes will automaticlly convert it - obviously you do not have to have purchased your music from iTunes to have it in your library.
iPod is subject to a lot of jealousy from school-age children.

iPod is a victim of its own success.

People have an obsession with iPod.
by Burritos September 05, 2006
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A popular, high capacity mp3 player developed by Apple, reviled by many users of Urban Dictionary as a loathsome object of inexaustible hatred. Despite being nothing more
than a fairly expensive music player, the Ipod appears to have fomented a vicious social conflict unseen since the French Revolution.
Husband: "Honey, I bought you an Ipod for Christmas!"
Wife: "An Ipod!" "You Goddamn prick, I want a divorce."
by damon666666666 April 12, 2006
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1)a current-generation mp3 player with varying amounts of space to store music and other files.
2)something most people seem to hate for no valid reason other than the fact than to fit in with other people who hate it
3)something people on urbandictionary use to express their negative opinions.
1)guy 1:
Dude check out my new iPod, it's the 20 gig one.
guy 2:


3)See: above.
by Kastiel October 26, 2008
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It is a mp3 device made by apple that has a sleek design and has a high cost. the ipod can be a negavitve thing but if you take care of it then it will last just like mine 5 years and it is still running well and nothing really will happen and then it can be a good thing

How to take care of it
1. wait till the battery completely drains out then charge it so the battery life will last longer

2. if you dont want it to scratch then buy a cheep or expensive plastic sticker to cover the screen or you can buy a fair price of $10-25 rubber cover

3. If itunes asks you if you want a new update you take it so it itunes wont crash and also if you need to update your ipod then do it so it is compatible to your itunes

4. the obvious one dont drop it crush it or squish it

if you follow these steps then it will last just like mine
john: hey i got an ipod
jane: cool hey you know how to take care of it right?
john: i think
by JAnieSayHuh February 25, 2009
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