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A genuine MP3 player designed by Apple. The Video iPods can hold up to 60GB of media and the nanos are thinner than a pencil. May be expensive but well worth it.

Not to mention about the haters you see on the rest of urban dictionary... Those people can't afford one that's why they want to use the Creative Zens to insult over it which make the Creative Zens also known as Lame-Flat iPods that can only sync up to 125 songs.
Person 1 : Hey It's an iPod

Person 2 : yeah

Person 1 : I can't believe you even wanna be SEEN with that piece of crap.

Person 2 : Is it becasue you can't afford one?

Person 1 : Yeah... (weeps)

Person 2 : Don't worry, you can always buy a fake and poser version of ipods called the Zen.
by Liwfun September 18, 2006
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