Hard drive mp3 player whose only pro is it's esthetic design. However, feature and accessory wise, it lacks. Other hard drive mp3 players such as the Iriver "H" series drive it to the ground, with features such as video playback, fm radio, digital recording via a built in mic etc.
OMG is that a new ipod?

errr... no this is an Iriver H320 which pisses all over the ipod.
by Mr.river March 10, 2005
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Trendy overpriced p.o.s. that can't even do gapless output or vorbis. Not for people who like music. Less expensive players have more features and sound better.
Watch me demonstrate defenestration with this ipod-using poser!
by pseudonyme July 10, 2004
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A popular mp3 player created by apple (the computer company not apple records) witch recieves alot of criticism but manely this is only because many people dont use it properly.

the topic of little battery...: as with most rechargable batteries you need to occasionally completely run it out and leave it on charge for probably 10 hours plus (probably best idea is to put it on charge 12 hours before you get up in the morning and DONT USE IT). therefore the batterie on the next day will last as long as apple say it should.

the topic of too much space...: there are models (the ipod nano or shuffle for example) witch have little space on for the very reason that most people dont have 12 days worth of music and listen to it all (like someone like me does).

the topic of price...: basically your paying for what you get. its like anything, for example, a nice big house willcost more then a un nice small house wont it. your paying for size and quality.its a designer product of the mp3 world

and for the record of how long they last, ive had my 30 gig ipod now for about a year and a half and it hasnt failed me once because i know how to use it.
john: my ipods stopped working
mary: how long hav eyou had it?
john: about 9 months, i suppose they all break after that time.
mary: how often do you charge it?
john: about half an hour a day
mary: you charge it too often with too little, it thinks half an hour makes it full so it leaves it as its standard batterie life.
by Jamie Turner August 27, 2007
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A reliable music/storage device with an annoying ".AAC" song file format. If you hate Apple, you hate IPod. An "MP3" player that actually makes an attempt at enforcing copyright laws. Anyone with half a brain can work around it, but bravo to Apple for the effort.

I've owned an iPod Mini for 2 years and have beat it to all hell and never have had it fail on me. Notice the newest iPod nanos have switched to the "mini" style of design which is by far the MOST reliable.

People take cracks at the status symbol of wearing the notorious white earbuds, but in actuality ANYONE who uses ANY type of generic cheap ($75 or less) earbuds to listen to their music is a douche. PLEASE buy a quality set of earbuds so you can at least begin to appreciate what music was meant to sound like, and as an added bonus you'll add mileage to your ears by being able to hear more at a lower volume. Shure makes a $99 pair of E2C earbuds which deliver substantial sound quality for the price.
Joe Bob wasn't worried about being categorized by his music player of choice, so he made a smart decision and bought an iPod mini. His friends poked fun at him, but after he let them listen to his iPod with his aftermarket earbuds he convinced them the better sound was because of the iPod. The next day all his friends went out and sold their Creative mp3 players on eBay and bought iPods instead.... the poor mindless douche bags were fooled by the lowly iPod owner.
by nathan a. April 17, 2007
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An extremely popular high-capacity digital music player approximately the size of a deck of playing cards, first hitting the market in the early 2000's. Often the target of praise by those who have them and ridicule by those who are jealous and/or belligerent fans of other audio companies.
Tool: "Dude, DUDE...ipods suck LOL!!!!! IRIVER 4EVAH!!!ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!11ONE"

Everyone else: "Honestly, go choke already."
by Non-fanboy February 19, 2006
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Trust me,im a proud suburban loser/geek,and have no plans to be "popular" and i must say a 30 gig ipod is very much underrated for its value for the money. Most 299 dollars players lack video capability (with the exception of iRivers new flash players,which are very nice too and cheaper then ipod,but hold much less,but those are nano fighters) All mp3 players break and get scratched up,but the batteries really do suck with ipods. Sound quality is also very good,as long as you dont use apples lousy stock earbuds,which is the status symbol of the ipod generation. Thats why i use etymotics,not stock. when it comes to sound quality,ease of use, and overall value,the ipod is a good player that gets a bad name by the stock earbud wearing posers who make the less image concerned immediately look over the ipod. While iriver,creative,archos,etc etc happen to make very good mp3 players, the ipod is just as good as any of these,and at 299 for a 30 gig player with video capability(you can get freeware to rip dvds straight on to the device),the ipod is actually a good overall value ruined by its MTV image.
If apple would just add an FM tuner and a built in voice recorder to thier ipod,they would actually have the perfect player.
by unbiased definer December 20, 2005
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A walking advertisement for: MUG THIS FOOL, THEY GOT MONEY.

Any fool dumb enough to buy an ipod and walk around town with their white headphones in their ears, trying to look cool, when they are actually saying: He I got lots of money. Usually private school fags.

A piece of electronic crap also.
Crack Addict 1: Hey check out that kid there, he's got an ipod.

Crack Addict 2: Get him!
by 1337-bix May 7, 2006
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