An Apple Computer branded wordmp3/word player with a large capacity solid state hard drive.
Hey John... send me that new 1108 Thugz track so I can put it on my iPod.
by Mike Rundle April 29, 2003
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A digital music player produced by Apple Computer co.

The iPod is an enigma in both terms of success and controversy; some customers find the product unreliable and the battery difficult to change where as others praise its simple design and ease of use. An example of its design would be the touch-sensitive wheel that allows you to easily select an artist, album or track intuitively and at speed.

People who dislike the iPod often quote that it's over-priced, unreliable and that most people cannot use the storage space - this is mostly true for any similar device on the market, although the perceived lack of reliability of any popular product will doubtlessly be driven by how vocal disappointed individuals are. The most dumbfounding claim is that you can only use music bought from iTunes and that the software is difficult and unreliable to use. There are many third-party applications that work with an iPod, and the player supports many codecs. Should you try and transfer an unsupported codec, iTunes will automaticlly convert it - obviously you do not have to have purchased your music from iTunes to have it in your library.
iPod is subject to a lot of jealousy from school-age children.

iPod is a victim of its own success.

People have an obsession with iPod.
by Burritos August 18, 2006
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Want to see something fun? Diss the Ipod in front of an Apple Computers employee. They'll react like you just slapped their mom and tell you(in a whiny butthurt tone) to quit complaining and send your concerns to apple's customer service. Good lord, its just a fucking mp3 player! All electronics have their ups and downs and goddamnit we have a godgiven right to complain about the technical issues of them. I guess if you jab at any apple product's flaws, the brainwashed facade starts to crumble and i-cultists will stop at nothing to keep the delusion alive.
I worked for Bose, and sold iPods. We wanted to put some mp3s on the display model so customers could try it out... and it crashed every PC it was hooked up to. While complaining amongst ourselves, an Apple store worker happened by and took things a bit personal.
by gooberliberation January 01, 2006
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the same thing as a Creative Zen in all respects except it looks a little cooler and costs twice as much.
-hey i got my 60 gig Ipod ofr just $500!

-you dumbass, I got my 60 gig zen for $250!
by green phantom February 26, 2005
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a musical device which is the top fashion accessory, though WILL break several times and 'get on ur tits'.
On purchasing an iPod, you are garanteed to have a set of headphones that WILL break within several weeks.
this results in frustration, and a decrease in penis size.
"dude my weiner is shrinking!"

"get ur iPod fixed"

"nah, it'll just break again"
by Rube July 06, 2005
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I bought one of these with my saved money. iPods are a waste of space on earth.

1. It holds more songs than anyone will ever own in their lives.
2. It says 12 hour battery life, but lasts for dick hours
3. Limited rechargeable battery - there are only a certain amount of charges you can use and then you have to pay a bazillion dollars for a new god damn battery.
4. Covering scratches easily, and if you don't want the screen to look like a cat was trying to find drugs in it, you have to buy a 50 dollar rubber case that yellows with time.
5. So overpriced for such a piece of shit. $420.00 CDN for it alone, and then a 3-year warranty which bumped it up to $508.00.

Seriously. Go die, Apple.
"Holy crap, you have an iPod! That's so cool! How many songs does it hold?"
"Five thousand."
"How many do you have on it?"
"About 200."
"Why the shit did you get a 20 GB then"
"........I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you"
by lindsay the gangster June 03, 2005
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