A)A topic on Urban Dictionary that people use to complain how much they hate iPods so fucking much, yet they waste their time not writing what it really is.
B)A portable device used to listen to music. It's lightwieght, and small enough to carry in your pocket. It comes in a variety of colors. You can charge it up from your computer, or buy cord to charge it up in your car.
A)Annoying Person:OMFG, I fucking HATE iPods!!! They're such a waste of tyme and space!!!>:(

by TanikaC.S. April 12, 2007
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One of the most popular mp3 players in (at least) the USA. Despite all the people here who try to diss it, and I daresay I find it hilarious to read :D

- You can choose the size based on what you have in your computer (I got 8GB, 500+ songs already on it and I can store my whole CD collection)
- VERY portable
- Relatively durable if used properly
- Easy-to-use interface (contrary to popular opinion, if it is an mp3, you can use it. Not that BS about nazi-style monopoly and m4p crap)
- Did I say popular?

To all the pri-... I mean people who complain about being seen with the white earbuds (which are pretty decent on their own), try this:

1. Plug your ears in with buds but do not connect to iPod
2. Arrange it so that the cord runs down the BACK of your shirt. This is a critical step in making the view angle-proof
3. Wear a hoodshirt. Also, if applicable, wear a cap as well over the earbuds.
4. NOW plug into your iPod in your pocket. The hood covers all remaining angles and you can now tune away w/o fearing getting caught :D
iPod nano costs approx. $149 in 8 colors at most shops. The 9th is purchaseable @ Apple
by Sean Skyhawk December 02, 2008
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The way idiots and southerners write iPod.
i gotz muh i-pod n then i made luv on muh sistah lolz.
by pc_michael July 16, 2006
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A popular, high capacity mp3 player developed by Apple, reviled by many users of Urban Dictionary as a loathsome object of inexaustible hatred. Despite being nothing more
than a fairly expensive music player, the Ipod appears to have fomented a vicious social conflict unseen since the French Revolution.

Husband: "Honey, I bought you an Ipod for Christmas!"
Wife: "An Ipod!" "You Goddamn prick, I want a divorce."
by damon666666666 February 05, 2006
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I am I the only one actually satisfied with my iPod? Yes, it can get loads of scratches but if you look after it PROPERLY, as in not chuck in a washing machine, then it will be alright. I have just filled up my 80gb 3rd generation iPod, so no, it doesn't hold 'more songs than anyone could possibly listen to in their lifetime'. Of course, there are cheaper mp3s on the market, but for me, it will always be the iPod that comes first.
iPods are missunderstood creatures, give them a break!
by horsepills May 11, 2007
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A misspelling of Apple's range of portable iPod media players.
Dave: Hey, can I listen to your i-pod?
Tim: It's iPod, dude.
by orismology April 20, 2010
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The definitions on this site have been used to discuss the pros and cons of the iPod. The fact is, it is a music player that is priced reasonably when compared to many other portable music players on the market today. The black and white screened iPod were somewhat overpriced, and the original iPod photo was far overpriced in comparison to other players, but with the introduction of the iPod with video it has become much more reasonably priced for a video player.
Also, many underaged children have a strong desire to own an iPod due to Apple's extremely successful advertising campaign, and as a result many people buy these players more as a status symbol rather than for practical use as a music player, leading people to purchase the most expensive model which holds 15'000 songs while only filling it with 200 songs.
Student #1: Hey, cool iPod.
Student #2: Thank's, it's a 60 gig.
Student #1: Oh, nice! I have that one too. How many songs are on yours?
Student #2: Oh, like 13'000, how about you?
Student #1: Wow! That's so many! I only have like 350!
Student #2: ...well then why did you get the 60 gig version?
Student #1: Oh yeah, well why do you have all of that music!?
Student #2: Because I really appreciate music and this was the best piece of hardware I could find that would hold it all with an easy to manage user interface.
Student #1: Well... You suck!
by ZachDigger109-32 May 13, 2006
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