A slang synonym for getting fired.
Wally had second thoughts about his making out with the boss's secretary/mistress in the copy room after he was uninstalled from the Ripoff Systems Analysis Corporation.
by Duckbutt September 26, 2005
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When a player is so shitty at a game, usually Counter Strike, that you tell them to uninstall it.
You suck so badly, for the sake of me, you, and everyone else on this server, turn off your game, uninstall it, go back to the store, return it, and never play it again.
by Captain Cap August 4, 2006
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A term originating in World of Tanks which is literally and/or figuratively asking a player to uninstall.
Can be used to inform actual shit players that they should uninstall due to an utter lack or skillz.
Can also be used to inform other players that you are salty as fuck because you died, even though it was your own mistake.

Uninstall later migrated into CS, where it became more mainstream.
ProPlayer420_69 L33T (M4A1 Revalorisé): Hey dumbasses, that is the definition of a fail platoon, bringing a tier 1 into a tier 10 match...
Dickwad9001 TROLZ (Maus): lolollololol
OtherDickwad9001 TROLZ (MS-1): lawlz
ProPlayer420_69 L33T (M4A1 Revalorisé): Both of you uninstall.


{Enemy} DeathFromAbove RDDT (M40/M43): Dude you literaly sat still for 2 minutes
{Enemy} DeathFromAbove RDDT (M40/M43): you need to learn to move yo ass
by Overlord1-1 August 27, 2017
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You are so bad that you cant even say gg no re. So you say uninstall. You are so bad that you should just stop doing it.
by Betty March 9, 2005
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an insult in cs where one player owns another by either knifing them or headshoting them over and over; they are told to uninstall which means to uninstall your game of counter strike and bring it back to the store becuase u suck so bad at playing. mostly said to by noobs and nooblicks
Death_is_near: uninstall joo sux joo nooblick
by schwendie January 4, 2006
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"Houston, the probes are about to be released from the satellite and we are ready for the uninstalling!"
by Alex Quantashassle April 20, 2005
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