Describes people who drive while sending text messages on their phones.
"Dude, what was THAT?!"
"Probably just some intexticated highschooler."

"How did she get in a car accident?"
"She was intexticated."
by Courtney Terry May 24, 2007
The police pulled over Susie because they had suspicion she was intexticated.
by LeviLover March 8, 2009
A state in which someone attempts to walk and compose a text message at the same time. Lack of attention paid to the walking portion causes stumbling, loss of direction, and pedestrian collisions.
John was so intexticated that he didn't see where he was going, and slammed right into his boss.
by Industries February 15, 2008
Result of texting on your cellphone while driving.
Oh shit! That guy's intexticated! He gonna run right into that telephone pole!
by Klite49 August 24, 2012
An addiction to text at all times, like driving, getting ready for work, at work, to family. Etc.
John was intexticated while driving which made him unable to pay attention to the road and was texting instead.
Driving while focusing on a text message.
Man-Crap I wrecked my car.
Police-No regard for the road only your social life.Looks like we have another one who was intexticated.
by The Biz March 9, 2012
The art of text messaging while intoxicated, usually at bars or parties.
Dude, sorry what I said last night, but I was really intexticated.
by Eric66 December 2, 2007