A word used by a polite, experienced art teacher while they are observing a students sub par, dull artwork which evokes nothing but disappointment within the teacher towards said student.
Student: "Hey Ms. How is my painting going?"
* Teacher observes the painting, hiding their cringe *
"It's very... Interesting."
by Locodudeof97 August 27, 2015
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being INTERESTED in a chicken is just plane wrong so don't just don't
by the girl on this screen April 2, 2019
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just like the percentage rate on those furniture commercials. Zero
She had no interest in him or his advances.
by bahsat February 19, 2009
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Kirsty is not interested in the party and is happy to lie back and let everyone else do the work
by catxx February 26, 2016
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Max and Hannah, the two coolest people ever to walk the world.
Max and Hannah are soooo interesting
by Maxizzlewizzle March 19, 2005
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The genitals or genital region of a human female. Usually refers only to that of an attractive woman; homely women are typically said to possess a zone of disinterest.
Her zone of interest was engorged and swollen, oozing out the slimy evidence of her arousal.
by J. Grigor Wladislaw June 4, 2009
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