A term used by the YouTube comedy duo Twosetviolin and their fan base to refer to anything music related that is unconventional in a bad way, but does not quite merit the title of Sacrilegious . The term originated with a video where Twoset reacted to the performance of a prodigy who improvised a piano sonata.
The show I saw last week was Interesting!
by Ling Ling wannabe October 28, 2019
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Would like to get to know someone more.

E.g. I am interested in you.
I am interested in getting to know you.
What guys say when they aren't sure about you yet.
by Picopa July 24, 2013
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The dialog option in Final Fantasy 7 when you can't give a fuck
"Hey, do you need instructions on how to ride a Chocobo?"
"Not interested"
by Definitely not Tifa January 16, 2021
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That's not interesting; actually, it's stupid.
Person 1: I really think Trump will make a good president.
Person 2: That's interesting.
by Doctorjay March 15, 2017
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