That's not interesting; actually, it's stupid.
Person 1: I really think Trump will make a good president.
Person 2: That's interesting.
by Doctorjay March 15, 2017
That quantity of consumer appreciation that marketers, advertisers, politicians, and occaisionally teachers try and maintain in their audiences in order to focus nebulous collective attention.
'i maintained their interest in the solar powered nuclear fallout suit by showing them pictures of fried chicken'
by anun January 29, 2004
The word that needs to be added to the Category selection at the 'Add a Word' screen.
by Larstait November 16, 2003
A nice way of saying ugly.

Used when a friend asks you a question about appearance that you don't want to answer.
No! Of course not! You look... Interesting.
by totally free! That's me! June 17, 2011
For bad spellers
"I found that interestering"
by iMiMmature October 22, 2017
A replacement of "horny" or generally anything sexual. It is used around innocent people when you don't want to tell them what you actually mean. When typed, it is usually in italics.
"How was that fanfic you read?"
"It was, um...*interesting*"

by ringo_soup January 17, 2021