overused filler word in response to an absolutely uninteresting information, or something you don't know how to respond to.
by roxy335 August 09, 2018
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A polite term for a person's personality or Behavior which is beyond Eccentric, strange, or bizarre.
Rich people are Eccentric - the rest of us are merely... Interesting...
by SICH in NE April 01, 2019
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When you know your about to get caught up so you play it off, like it’s all cool.
amber I saw you sucking dick and getting fingered at the movies. Interesting “
by Trizzyj April 12, 2018
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People are not that interesting between the beginning and the end of their lives, they're only interesting toward the beginning and toward the end. So it's weird for someone to have an everyday interest in someone else, it's weird because they're usually gathering intel or counter intel on the person they claim to have an interest in, rather than minding their business.
The guy wasnt interesting, and yet the other person claimed to have an interest in something he was doing, so he had to wonder what agency sent the other person. There are no victims in the spy community, spies get paid for their work, not forced into their work.
by Solid Mantis September 20, 2020
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