below average. Deriving from the term in golf "par" meaning average, and sub meaning below.
the definitions below are sub par at best.
Another way to look at someone tagged as sub par is to see them as undervalued.
Although Michael the tin-pot weasel vice president referred to Eleanor the manager as sub par, she knew that she was undervalued in the organization, and soon left for a job with far better compensation. Michael, on the other hand, found himself fired for consistently treating the company's clients like dirt.
by Bide Your Team September 4, 2009
When something is worse than you expect
My word Janet, that sure was a sub par ham.
by Danox September 22, 2004
When something you weren't expecting comes through for you at the exact right time.

See Clutch
Alex: "Didn't think we were goin to 7 Eleven, but that Slurpee was so Sub Par."

"That cheeseburger was so clutch"
by Betez September 20, 2004
pete's underoath t-shirt is of their sub par album, so therefore not cool to wear at satan's hollow
by gloriawhoria February 12, 2008
most epic Frisbee team in Wisconsin
"Did you see Frisbee sectionals this year? Sub Par has some sweet skills!!!"


" Those Sub Par guys are a Good Looking bunch of Dudes"
by Chereefer87 April 19, 2010