Twosetviolin is a YouTube channel popular especially among Classical Musicians . It is run by the iconic duo Brett Yang and Eddy Chen , who are both violinists and former orchestra musicians . They make mostly comedy videos. Their content is highly relatable to musicians as well as hilarious, inspirational , and motivational. Their content includes skits, game shows, meme reviews, and reaction videos.

Their common ‘ inside jokes’ and references include the character of Ling Ling, a fictional ideal violinist who practices 40 hours a day and is also a doctor; Ben Lee whom they nicknamed “ Sacrilegious Boy” in a well known video where they mocked his terrible intonation and overly expensive instrument ; and mainstream talent shows, whom they often criticize for their portrayal of musicians and classical music.

The duo encourage musicians to practice constantly and work hard. They have also created a kind of community of their fan base on social media where classical musicians can come together and relate to each other and encourage each other.
My favorite YouTube channel is Twosetviolin, their videos make me laugh and inspire me to work hard.
by Ling Ling wannabe October 27, 2019
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YouTube channel with the noble cause of making classical music more accessible to young people and features two renowned violinists Brett Yang and Eddy Chen.

Is actually a meme channel.

Its comment section is all about the imaginary musical prodigy character Ling ling who practices 40 hours a day.
Person 1: What are you watching
Person 2: It's Twosetviolin. They are very inspiring and encourage me to work hard so I can succeed in life.

Person 1: O, gotta subscribe to them too!
by lingling___ September 29, 2018
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TwoSetViolin; noun.

Two Set Violin is the name of a YouTube channel of two members which has the intent of making the genre of classical more appealing to the audience of generations more recent (as well as) Millennials. The two exclusive performers featured in their videos are Brett Yang and Eddy Chen, who are each virtuoso violinists who have each performed in symphonies several times, have studied at a conservatory, and are qualified as professional soloists and musicians.

The channel was created in some time in 2013, and would later gain the exposure of a total of approximately two and a half million subscribers and approximately five hundred thirty eight million views, and quite frequently perform collaborations with other violinists such as Hillary Hahn and Ray Chen.
Person 1: Have you heard of TwoSetViolin? They are a relatable channel for musicians like yourself.

Person 2: Alright, I'll check them out.

||2 Hours Later||
Person 2: Their humor is quite relatable for all musicians, thanks for the recommendation.
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