One of the best possible responses in various levels of conversation. There are many uses.

1. If you aren't paying attention to an elongated conversation and are struck out of your trance-like state of boredom to realize it's your turn to speak.

2. If you are put on the spot to give your opinion of something you don't particularly like or dislike, but you don't want to sound rude.

3. If you are trying to squirm your way out of awkward small-talk with someone you don't want to listen to.
1. Stacy: "...and then after he gave me flowers, he tried to KISS me! Eww!"
Rebecca: "...Huh? Oh. Interesting."

2. Joe: "So, how do you like the veggie burgers I made?"
Steve: "Well, they're interesting..."

3. Acquaintance: "Yeah, so how about them Yankees? I got their logo tattooed on my back last week. It's not healing properly though, the edges have pus."
You: "Interesting..."
by stfukthxdood March 01, 2010
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pain in the ass, unpleasant, difficult, nuisance, difficult job, impossible job
Globalization is an interesting problem for many nations.
VP Cheney is an interesting person.
by larry lynch July 10, 2008
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A nice way of saying ugly.

Used when a friend asks you a question about appearance that you don't want to answer.
No! Of course not! You look... Interesting.
by totally free! That's me! June 16, 2011
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A word used by a polite, experienced art teacher while they are observing a students sub par, dull artwork which evokes nothing but disappointment within the teacher towards said student.
Student: "Hey Ms. How is my painting going?"
* Teacher observes the painting, hiding their cringe *
"It's very... Interesting."
by Locodudeof97 August 27, 2015
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In normal conversations, used to express doubt, curiosity, or critique. If someone says "this is interesting", it could mean "I doubt it", "I don't understand why it doesn't work", "Is this really true?", "How strange is that?"
First, he said he will come to the party. After he got to know the host, he said he had no time and needed to work. That's interesting!
by PeterDan00 June 30, 2010
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