In normal conversations, used to express doubt, curiosity, or critique. If someone says "this is interesting", it could mean "I doubt it", "I don't understand why it doesn't work", "Is this really true?", "How strange is that?"
First, he said he will come to the party. After he got to know the host, he said he had no time and needed to work. That's interesting!
by PeterDan00 June 30, 2010
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said when something really ISN'T interesting (said in a serious tone)
or when you don't know what else to say in a situation (said in a serious and kind of awkward tone)
Liselle: "I ate"
Karen: "Interesting" (and rolls eyes)
by Karen WHAATT October 5, 2003
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a word commonly used amoung schemers and con-artist everywhere when inspiration hits...
by TheNay October 12, 2003
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When a fat girl sends you an e-mail from an online dating service and states you sound 'interisting' to boost her self-esteem because she messed up by pressing the wrong button, and felt awkward.
"I read your profile and you sound interisting"
by joe January 3, 2004
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What alex says every 12 minutes during a conversation to notify learning.
Kristen: so the weather is nice today Alex.

Alex; Interesting....
by K-sizzle227 March 11, 2009
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Interesting; A word commonly used to define the mapping skills of PS_Mouse of the NS Community.

Renowned for maps with sound effects so loud you mute the speakers just to get back to merely deaf, and gamma so bright you're tempted to install solar cells in front of your monitor to power your neighbourhood.

See also : Painful, insane, Frankenstein.
"Did you play ns_hydrosity? That's some interesting gamma right there."
by Shockwave August 17, 2004
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when the feeling of motivation or enthusiasm for something is strong enough that a person is fully prepared to spend a considerable portion of his or her available assets (i.e. money, time) on it
All Jack is interested in is getting laid. So much of his spending money goes towards taking women out for dinner and drinks.

Dennis was so interested in climate change that he liquidated his 401k to spend three months doing research in the Arctic.
by D.S. Credito March 5, 2015
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