An excuse creationists use to try to justify creation in the light of modern scientific discoveries. It makes as much logical sense as saying my big toe knows the meaning of life. I can't prove it because my toe can't talk but you can't disprove it for the same reason.
If God did the whole "intelligent design" thing then why are Christians so stupid.
by MTCaptain November 14, 2006
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something that i dont believe in. i mean, if intelligent design is real, then why do we guys have nuts on thoe outside of our body in a place that is easily accessable?!?!?!WHY?!?
Today I was sack tapped and fell on the floor clutching at my nuts thinking: WHAT THE HELL?! THERE IS NO WAY THAT INTELLIGENT DESIGN IS INTELLIGENT!
by name not here October 14, 2006
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1.pseudoscientific argument from incredibility, presented as a counter to evolutionary theory.
"I don't understand how this could have happened naturally; therefore, God did it. - Stand argument for Intelligent design.
by Mr. Lee July 24, 2006
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Advocated by the Christian right, a "scientific" theory proposing that the gaps in the darwinian theory of evolution can only be explained by the existance of a supreme being, and thus should be taught in public schools.

complete bullshit.
"The school board voted on intelligent design."
by Hannahhh January 8, 2006
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An idea by people living in total ignorance. Instead of doing proper research and looking for imperical evidence, ID supporters look through the pages of the Bible for already answered questions. This might indicate the well observed "since I can't understand it it can't be true"-syndrome.

The other alternative might be the simple desire for convinience. ID-supporters don't want to write 6 page essays about how the cell works, just to be graded 3/5, but rather "God did it and that's fine by me" and getting 5/5.
Intelligent Design puts the ID in IDiot.

IDiots often say "Evolution is just a theory." In the scientific field a hypothesis (which is the word they're looking for) becomes a scientific theory when the hypothesis is so well established that no new evidence is likely to alter it, after which the explanation or hypothesis becomes a scientific theory.
by Viva Academia April 7, 2008
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A theory that evolution is wrong, and the world was created and maintained by Mr.Chuck Norris. This is almost certainly true, the only flaw may be the fact that Chuck Norris has not roundhouse kicked the idiot christians who say intelligent design is about god's heads up there asses.....yet.
Idiot Christian: Intelligent design is about god. Wait why is the door open?

(roundhouse kick like noise)

Idiot Christian: OH MY GOD!! AGHHHHH GAHGG ALEGRA! (dies)
by Stan Lightsaber April 26, 2006
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Irreducible complexity, defined by imbeciles that spend meaningless lives selling half-truths and whole lies to anyone that still wants God in classrooms. The closest thing to a legitimate argument for intelligent design is pointing out flaws in the current theory of evolution. I.D. by definition is not and can never be science, because it is based upon an element beyond human understanding creating life. The scientific method can't be applied, because it's not a "scientific theory" that can be tested or something for which evidence can be collected, only a "theory" that people believe based upon their own understanding of the issue.
Intelligent design is almost like science, without the science part. But it sure got popular fast
by the epitome of greatness July 11, 2008
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