That dude over there is a John Jones
by yako-li March 25, 2021
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John Jones is the dull guy that you see at a party sniffing some girls hair. He is normal but odd and has no sense of humor. He also can sometimes resemble a blob fish.
Person 1: He is kinda a John Jones.
Person 2: Oh he is totally a John Jones!!!
by Dolphin Dancing April 23, 2016
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agent john Jones is travailing at the moment to bring people in to fortnite
by tweets.ohm098 December 14, 2020
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The God of bassists exists in a Holy triumvirate. Father Mccartney, Son Entwistle, Holy Spirit John Paul Jones. Just like the Holy Spirit, JPJ doesn't get enough credit for his contributions. He can play the bass better with his FEET then most bands bassists can with their hands. A talented multi instrumentalist, his contributions to the rock world are under appareciated in the extreme.
That superstar basketball player who scored 1 less basket then Cobie, what was his name?

I dunno man, he is a John Paul Jones
by TheWaitingIsTheHardestPart February 14, 2015
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The legendary bassist of Led Zeppelin. Along with Jimmy Page, he was a founding member and integral part of the group (many people inaccurately give credit of the formation to Jimmy Page and Robert Plant). John Paul's musical talent pertains not only to the bass guitar, but also the mandolin and keyboards. He is also talented in the studio, working as producer and musical arranger for many other groups including the Rolling Stones. After Led Zeppelin's disbandment in 1980, John Paul has enjoyed a successful solo career. Quiet and down to earth, his contributions to rock are many times overlooked, mainly because he does not have a gimmick to net publicity; he simply plays for the love of the music. Sadly, people do not realize greatness when they see it. With such attributes, John Paul Jones is possibly one of the most talented people in music, and easily the most underrated musician today.
"I'm glad my friends finally remembered my phone number." - John Paul Jones after finally reuniting with Led Zeppelin at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame after being snubbed for Unledded ( a band created by Page and Plant).
by Rob L. October 22, 2004
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The bassist for your ear pussies. See also Jesus of music.
Damn dude, when I heard John Paul Jones it felt like Jesus inside of my ear pussy.
by sackbaker August 13, 2010
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