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reference to one who is from a sandy area in the middle east
Damn abu.. quit being a dune coon!
by rah January 4, 2003
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The act a male performs when placing one's genitals in the mouth of a sleeping senior citizen when their gums are out.
Josh's grandma is asleep, gums are out, and gummy bear is in the air!
by rah December 28, 2002
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IS a low profile rapper that 50cent is previously throwing shots at
Jada don't mess wit me if u wanna eat cuz I'll do ur lil'a@S like JAY did MOBB DEEP yeah dudes in NEWYORK like ur vocals but thats only in NEWYORK so ur a@s is local
by rah March 21, 2005
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1. A n00bish, pseudo-science religious theory that advocates that some phenomenon are just too complicated to be explained by science alone, and therefore God, or an intelligent designer must exist.
2. Excrement.
Dude, I made such an intelligent design in the pot this morning!
by rah December 5, 2004
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An asshole. In addition, it can mean somebody that likes to have his anal cavitiy filled.
Hey Gandu, how many boys did you hit on today?
by rah December 10, 2003
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the lazy person's word for Ganja.
Dude.. my girlfriend was in a porn and she smokes ganj.. what now!
by rah January 4, 2003
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Basically an updated version of "shooting yourself in the foot" or "fucking yourself over."
Taken from the miserable campaign of Jung-Suk Ryu for city Counsillor in Edmonton, AB.

jungsuker: the individual junsuking oneself.
jungsukery: the act of jungsuking.
"When Jimmy puked at the bar, he totally jungsuked his chances with that that chick."
by rah October 21, 2004
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