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Intelligent design is a fundamentally flawed theory.
It does not belong in a scientific debate because it cannot produce valid observational evidence.
It also does not belong in a philosophical debate because its only premise is that there are some slight flaws in evolution (and what scientific theory doesn't have flaws). From this premise it is impossible to show the existence of an intelligent designer.
Kansas has just become another state to teach intelligent design. When will they learn that America needs proper scientists to make the microwaves, bird flu vaccines, tactical nuclear weapons, and other modern home comforts they enjoy.
by Cillie November 11, 2005
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Because good honest teenage hormones aint complicated enough without some crazy fundamentalist americans fucking things up.
You will never stop people fucking, live with it!
by Cillie August 21, 2005
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Similar to Jump on the Grenade. An instruction to someone that they have to score with the ugly girl (the ship, especially a fat, ship sized minger), so that there friends can pull the hot ones.
From the naval tradition that a captain should not flee a sinking ship but shoud instead stay and drown.
Captain Goes down with the ship Sam. come on youll enjoy it as much as Helga will.
by Cillie October 11, 2005
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An item of clothing that can be worn only by three groups of people, namely lesbians, plumbers and the pregnant.
Wearing them if you are not in any of these groops is as suicidal as a scotsman wearing the wrong tartan, or wearing the wrong gangs colours.
"She is a fully paid up dungaree wearer"
by Cillie August 19, 2005
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Sentence as scary as we need to talk
Not like in executions - the scary sentence of death! - Coupling
by Cillie September 7, 2005
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1.Someone who despite all accepted scientific evidence does not believe in evolution.
2.Even stranger in the 21st century. Someone who believes that "The passion of the Christ" is a better film than "Life of Brian"
3. Someone liable to start waving their hands during a church song.
1. Utah
2. No Taste
3. A habit more repellant than sticking your hand down your trousers in church.
by Cillie August 19, 2005
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