I'm not a fucking clown:( everyone forgets my birthday every year and it hurts :'(
If she was born on January 6th she's the baddest bitch and deserves love.periodt🙈
by Thereaperr November 9, 2019
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If you are born in January 6th you are the best person EVER
She is so cool

Yes I know she was born in January 6th
by Quarantine April 16, 2020
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the baddest bitches were born on this day. no one else can compete.
- omg woah she’s so cool!
yeah ik, she was born on january 6th
by cl$wn November 22, 2019
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January 6th is national Replicate a Vine day. So you think of a funny Vine and try your best to replicate it and post it on TikTok
"You know what day it is Jimmy"
"What is it today"
" Well it's national Replicate a Vine Day"
"Well it's also January 6th"
"Takes phone and Makes TikTok"
by pusheen_kitty_12 December 3, 2019
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Spend time with your boyfriend/girlfriend all day, if you don’t spend much time with them well January 6th is your day too :) Go ahead and ditch your friends to hang out with the boy/girl you love ❤️
Bf~ Yo bro can you leave me alone for a bit? I need to spend time with my gf it’s January 6th sooooo

Friend~ Yea bro of course spend time with her :)

Bf~ Hey girl want to spend some time together for a bit? It’s January 6th 💕

Gf~ Of course! We never really spend time together, so yes absolutely! 💕
by December 27, 2019
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National Bang someones arm day

On this day You can bang someone in the arm as much as you want without them complaining
Boy 1 ~ Yo watch on January 6th I'm going to bang you

Boy 2 ~ I know , I cant wait to dead your arm
by B00NIE October 7, 2020
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