15 definitions by Filthy Sally

375 mL of liquor. It is usually the smallest measure of liquor next to a fifth.
I drank a pint of 5 o'clock vodka last night and got drunk.
by Filthy Sally July 06, 2007
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(n) Short for painkillers, opiate prescription drugs containing one of the following: oxycodone, hydrocodone, codeine, and others.
John: "Hey man any PKs around?"
Joe: "Yeah there's some d double dabbers"
John: "Nice I'll take two"
Joe: "Twenty bucks, 15 minutes"
by Filthy Sally September 06, 2006
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Look at that fucking porch monkey eating fried chicken, watermelon, and washing it down with a Lil Hug juice drink. Fucking niggers.
by Filthy Sally December 10, 2008
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An annoying young kid. Usually refers to the age range of 8-14.
Hey dude, watch me kick this grom in the throat.
by Filthy Sally June 03, 2007
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What you get when you go to jail for stealing and reselling Miatas.
Not again Bubba, I can't take much more of your bulk beef.
by Filthy Sally August 07, 2007
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What Jim Lahey calls an alcoholic drink in Trailer Park Boys.

Lahey is known to become wasted off his ass and scheme with Randy to get Ricky and Julian kicked out of the trailer park while constantly drinking his "drinky poos."
Another drinky poo Randy bo bandy?
by Filthy Sally July 26, 2006
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