Improv art is a form of art invented by A. Otterness in late 2004. Improv-art is usually used with the medium ink and metal brush on thick watercolor paper. You dip your metal brush into your ink and you make up your painting as you go. You have no rough draft, no pre-drawing, no tracing; just let your immagination flow through your metal brush, and into the ink that stains the paper.
A. Otterness has almost 45 individual ink paintings, and hundreds of marker and watercolor drawings and paintings.
by Aaron Otterness January 4, 2006
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The act of ejaculating semen onto another person's body
"Yeah, I got really drunk last night and inked her all over her face"
by A very clever Jude January 12, 2015
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When a girl laughs,coughs,screams,etc on her period and some blood leaks out.

Derived from a character in finding nemo (the small squid)
Don’t make me laugh I’ll (ink)

Oh shit I just (ink)ed
by B!tches July 17, 2019
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A vocal quartet from the 30's and 40's. Reach major stardom with their song, If I didn't care, after the introduction of Bill Kenney to the group after Jerry Daniels departure.
There's no way you can sing better than the ink spots.
by Ignaz Semmelwiess June 6, 2011
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Orginated in Mangere,NZ
1.Slang deprived from the two word's 'Stink Crack'

2. A person who emits offensive odor from the anus.
3. An over bearing, foolish and dry humored person.
"Gosh that Krita has a ink ack."
"Everybody took a woof of Scotts' chair at Lunch,he has a ink ack".
by 2wo7even5ive August 6, 2012
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