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havin many tattoos, the act of getting tattooed.

NOT to be confused with being cool: tattoos do not turn succkas into cool beings- ya just a suckka who's inked.
fred durst thinks just cause he's INKED, he's worth a shyt.
by shanirok November 15, 2003
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Verb. The action of getting "inked" means getting a tattoo
Erik: Have you seen Mark lately? I heard he got inked!
Allen: Yeah, he got a pretty sick tattoo of the Dark Side of the Moon album cover.
Erik: Sweet!
by healthyGirl March 24, 2009
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The art of using another persons body as a canvas utilising your sperm (ink) to create a piece of art on the other persons desired body part
That bitch got inked last night painted a mona lisa on her chest
by Camonator July 29, 2017
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