8 definitions by sum guy

A person who is laid back, kind, smart, athletic, gets all the girls, is nice to everyone, kinda dumb, loves there family, and one of a kind.
Hay look its mancil. They are great!
by sum guy May 13, 2020
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mic wernej as seen at nick warren
mic was soooo mashed at Nick Warren on saturday night
by sum guy March 27, 2003
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whist dancing, a person, usually female, while rub her rump on the crotch of a guy. if timed right can lead to the male's orgasm. a form of a dry hump.
yo man, we was doin the grind out there, she can really shake dat ass of hers
by sum guy January 28, 2003
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a tatto...
Joe the tattoo-artist: What kinda ink do you want?
Suzy: The words 'and now a few words from our sponser' on my inner right thigh, and the words 'we're back' on my left thigh.
Joe the tattoo-artist: That's an odd tattoo. Why do you want that?
Suzy: So my husband has something to snack on during the football commercials.

Yeah it's a crappy joke, fuck you
by sum guy January 28, 2003
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the way paul got that traffic-cop to believe he didn't kill jack with jack's body in the trunk, talk about chutzpah!
by sum guy January 28, 2003
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this isn't a definition, it's just a (disturbingly) humorous tale. It's documented in a recent Darwin Awards - collections of stories where people, either through accidental self-castration or accidental self-homicide, remove themselves from the gene pool - that a police officer was recently a victim of this risky game of chance. however, instead of using a revolver, with only one chamber in six loaded, he was using a semi-automatic pistol, having loaded one round into the magazine and pulled the slide back. some of you can already tell what happened, but let me explain for the rest: with a semi-automatic pistol, the top round in the magazine is automatically (hence a semi-AUTOMATIC pistol) inserted into the chamber. instead of a 1 in 6 chance of shooting himself, the cop had a 1 in 1 chance......

note: i'm not sure if he was intoxicated at the time. also, for more intriguing stories, search with your fav search engine for 'darwin awards'
by sum guy January 29, 2003
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fuckin new guy - a new member of a group, often in military groups
oh geez, we're goin to combat, and we're stuck with all these fng's
by sum guy January 28, 2003
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