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Slang for what Jehovah witnessess call their religion.
JW to a friend:I've never seen her at the Kingdom Hall.Is she in the truth also?
by eb1radtech May 22, 2005
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Slang for the invisible particles and energy emitted by radiation at Nuclear Power Plants.
I picked up a lot of zoomies today at work. The little suckers are everywhere.
by eb1radtech May 21, 2005
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1. Extremest as in: she/he is a freak in bed. (In a good way)
2. To have sex.
3. Weirdo, or someone who does strange things in the wrong situations. (In a bad way)
I want a lady in the street, but a freak in the bed.
-Ludacris, Usher & Lil John
by eb1radtech May 28, 2005
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A colthing line by Victoria's Secret. It includes Panites, tank tops, shorts, bathing suits etc...
I love the new Pink bathing suit I got from Victoria's Secret.
by eb1radtech May 28, 2005
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Another word for gossip, or trivial information.
Gimme the poop on Brian. I heard he was gay, and I heard he was Bi, then I heard he was straight.
by eb1radtech May 21, 2005
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