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people in online comment sections or forums giving extreme, hyperbolic, and/or controversial opinions for attention and validation. However, unlike normal edgelords, these commenters actually believe these opinions (albeit their belief is usually based on feeling rather than research) and are not just given for shock value. They even usually believe they're smarter than others and are unaware that they are seeking validation.

A common form it takes is the commenter pointing at a normal human behavior, a flaw in human perception, or a societal trait. Followed by them call it stupid (without researching why it exists) in a way that generalizes humanity but puts themselves on a pedestal for being above people that do that behavior or follow that norm.
person 1: I can't believe people fall for (illusion our brain isn't designed to see through), we are such a stupid species.
person 2: how does that make us stupid, we've never needed to use this in the wild.
person 1: but I figured it out, humans are the dumbest.
person 2: After it was explained to you. Look, can you even support that or are you just an unintentional edgelord?
person 1: *Leaves conversation in frustration*
by dirtwashere July 6, 2021
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A phrase mocking people that claim humans are inherently evil with no actual argument or evidence, stated in reply to the claim in bad syntax to make the OP seem dumb. the person being mocked is usually an edgelord seeking validation through self-loathing and is basing their view of humanity on social media, ignoring how diverse humans are in real life. sometimes this is also done to boost their personal agenda and get angry that others' opinions don't perfectly align with it. The claims by the OP can often be found in comment sections of youtube videos discussing the Fermi paradox or about odd human behaviors.
comment: Aliens will never visit us because we're all stupid.
reply: "Remember kids, human bad!" please touch some grass and stop clogging up the discussion.
by dirtwashere March 20, 2023
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A person entering a, usually controversial, discussion with the most surface-level, stereotype-based, and hyperbolic arguments possible. Their take then becomes the easy go-to meme response that spreads, resulting in a form of Flanderization for the discussion as a whole, cutting any nuance or complexity to the discourse and adding undeserved importance to it.

Some of the more prevalent examples of this are in discussions of Fermi's paradox, where the go to is, "Aliens don't talk to us because we're stupid," despite how much it's implying about the aliens in question. And arguments about America not using the metric system, with the reason often being, "Americans are too stupid and lazy to understand it," forcing a stereotype and ignoring any actual reasons the US hasn't switched over.
Since these arguments are often done for quick validation, they often have little to no research backing them either due to overconfidence of being right, or an unconscious fear of having to think complexly.
commenter 1: omfg why don't Americans just switch to metric already, why are they too dumb to do government.
commenter 2: You could leave and google how states' rights work, fucking discussion pollution.
by dirtwashere April 9, 2023
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A portmanteau of "Reactive Activist," refers to a person that expresses a knee-jerk reaction to a perceived issue that they know of solely because it was brought to their attention; either by pop culture osmosis or explicitly brought to them. The issues they bring up are usually missing context that the Reactivist is either unaware of or refuses to research out of fear of being wrong. This is sometimes to get attention, but usually is because it's easier to give a hot take on social media than make an informed opinion.
Anime girl: *Is an adult, but short*
Reactivists: Clearly this is an underage girl, how dare anime.
by dirtwashere December 5, 2021
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When a character in fiction makes a bigoted statement (usually sexism) for no reason other than the (usually female) protagonist to make a rebuttal to insert activist bait in place of actual character development. Primarily done in situations where even a bigoted character would have no reason to make statements like that, like if the character is cowardly and about to be killed by the protagonist.
"I read comic with female protagonist, I liked the story, but it had a lot of inexplicable sexist dialogue which was very distracting."
by dirtwashere August 15, 2021
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