14 definitions by Laurariea Jasmine Adairra

Internet dialect. It means "a dare" it is commonly used if there is no way to (or you dont know how to) privately message someone and they just asked you why you are doing something humiliating. If you unscramble the letters, it actually spells a dare.
internetdude1"dude2, why are you doing <insert humiliating act here>?"
internetdude2"d area" (or area d)
(note: chances are that people who you dont want to know will know what d area means. and then promptly yell it out for anyone who does not.)
by Laurariea Jasmine Adairra October 14, 2006
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to be confused. it is the past tense and the adverb of confuse.
He stared at her confusedly.
by Laurariea Jasmine Adairra November 9, 2006
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therefore, so. Hense is a word that was not on urban dictionary, so i am fixing that.
that girl has a lot of spirit, hense she is fiery.
by Laurariea Jasmine Adairra November 9, 2006
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A word that got into circulation at my school that has no meaning (technically it means everything IF use a different tone : )). Do you think i made it up or someone else?
"You are such a fuzzbop."
by Laurariea Jasmine Adairra November 4, 2006
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A male chicken. As in, a bird that lives on a farm. As in a food animal. One that we eat. Just so I am completely clear.
that rooster is interested in that chicken.
by Laurariea Jasmine Adairra November 9, 2006
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A girl who is not only gorgeous(hense the fox), but also has a lot of spirit (hense fiery). She will not bow down to anyone, and her opinion WILL be heard on anything that she cares about enough to comment upon.
guy1"i had to dump my gf, she was a fiery fox."
guy2 (confusedly)"why is that a bad thing?"
guy1"because im a scum-sucking idiot that hates it when cute girls have any kind of free will and i was hoping she would cry or give up her free will for me."
guy2"ok... yeah, im going to leave because that is a horrible way to go at life"(leaves)
by Laurariea Jasmine Adairra November 9, 2006
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the button editors (editor) click when they are not sure whether to choose publish or do not publish.
on the definition of alaskan firedragon that was pretty vague, i had to click the not sure button.
by Laurariea Jasmine Adairra November 11, 2006
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