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A name given usually to a male gender who is very good looking and stands for somebody who is caring and loving and makes a great friend you can say you are very lucky if your his Bestfriend Wilber is a great person overall
Wilber always knows how to crack a joke and make me laugh
by Zhjsj November 23, 2013
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A super attractive boy who is also very kind, smart, funny, and overall pretty lit. He often likes rain and wearing big sweatshirts. He also loves food, and is a very good singer. But he is veryyy attractive though 😍
"You need to get a man like Wilber"
"Damn, Wilber looking fine today"
"You and Wilber are relationship goals."
by justine.h.ander May 05, 2017
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A male gender who is honestly the best person and handsome he is a great friend and he always makes me laugh and always makes my day. He caring and foolish in a good way to other.
Get someone like Wilber
by Pink_crush78 June 30, 2018
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