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That feeling of butterflies you get whenever you see a certain person, whenever they message you, just smile at you.
"Hey dude Jemma just smiled at me,"

"Ah man you really like her"

"Yeah dude, it feels weird liking someone"
by PersiaOP November 22, 2015
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to like like someone is where you don't look at them in a friend way you look at them more.When ever your around them you feel awkward or you feel like you need to talk to them.When you cant stop looking at them.Or when there with another girl like hanging around you always feel that hint of jealousy. You always wonder if they like you back .and especially when you flirt with them ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!
TOM:you see Gemma over there?
JACK: yeh!
TOM: EMMM(he keeps staring at her)
JACK:OH MY GOD you like like her
JOE:what the story lads
JACK:tom just stated into liking someone
by scoil aireagail oof October 23, 2019
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