sport-specific use of the British linguistic import 'shambles,' baby.

emergent from e.g. r/nba, r/soccer, r/hockey and niche running / alt-right site letsrun.

used humorously and sarcastically when a) sportsball expectation doesn't match reality; and b) when a sportsballer or related person / body politic are specifically upset
| Bucks wrecked by Heat. Milwaukee in shambles

| Giannis gets MVP & DPOY. LeBron in shambles

| LeBron drunk tweets. Rich Paul in shambles
by Lou Brown September 19, 2020
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when an event degenerates into a random, confusing state; a complete mess.
tonight has officially become a shambles
by that JP guy June 8, 2006
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Adjective. The state of being where one's life is in "shambles." Typically occurs the morning after fraternity parties or during exam weeks.
That girl looked quite shambly on her walk of shame this morning.
by Fratthew April 2, 2010
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to have your brain fall into shambles
john: dude did you watched inception?

daniel: yea it was shambling

john: lol
by danielfromabove2 March 17, 2014
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Adj. When one is in a state of confusion in which their life is disorderly and chaotic; also used to describe when one is disheveled, haggard or just a complete mess.
I am so shambly I spend more money on booze than food
by tarynNmark February 24, 2011
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A structure in a golf competition which allows golfers with higher handicaps to defeat golfers with lower handicaps without requiring them to perform.
I think our friends pulled a fast one on us by convincing us to play them in a Shamble.
by Da_lauber March 4, 2019
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Word used to describe an individual after a particularly shameful performance, generally influenced by alcoholic intake.
Gregor, you were a shambles last night.
by Cotterell January 30, 2006
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