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when an event degenerates into a random, confusing state; a complete mess.
tonight has officially become a shambles
by that JP guy June 07, 2006
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Word used to describe an individual after a particularly shameful performance, generally influenced by alcoholic intake.
Gregor, you were a shambles last night.
by Cotterell January 30, 2006
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1. Verb. To take or vandalize something of importance belonging to someone else without their immediate notice.

2. Verb Also. To describe someone's own loss of possessions, due to their obliviousness.

3. Exclamation. To announce someone's dismay due to being shambled.

4. Verb once more. The act of taking the sacred virginity of another.
1. I just shambled your dog.

2. Dude. You just got shambled.

3. (with great emotion) Shambled!

4. "You shambled my sister"
by Team Johnnycake January 03, 2006
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1)Chaos, Disorder, Poorly Organised, Worthless
2)A way of walking
3)A butcher's slaughterhouse
4)A Meatseller's Table
5)Legs Like a Meatseller's Table
1) It was a complete and utter shambles
2 & 5) Look at him as he shambles along like that
3 & 4) Lets go & get some meat from the shambles
by RMR September 14, 2004
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Verb - sham-bl -Method of classic zombie locomotion.

Normally this method can be identified by the apparant lack of total functionality in one or both legs, thus causing a very pronounced limp.

Shambling is very inefficient and quite awkward, but hell, if you are a zombified mass of decaying flesh, you'll look wierd no matter how you get around.
That Zombie just shambled up to me, but I shot it's head off before it got close enough to bite me.
by Z-Hunter 515 August 26, 2008
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