when an event degenerates into a random, confusing state; a complete mess.
tonight has officially become a shambles
by that JP guy June 8, 2006
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Word used to describe an individual after a particularly shameful performance, generally influenced by alcoholic intake.
Gregor, you were a shambles last night.
by Cotterell January 30, 2006
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To be in shambles.
Another way to say drunk or wasted.
"Dude you were crazy last night. You were in shambles."
by baishani December 1, 2009
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1)Chaos, Disorder, Poorly Organised, Worthless
2)A way of walking
3)A butcher's slaughterhouse
4)A Meatseller's Table
5)Legs Like a Meatseller's Table
1) It was a complete and utter shambles
2 & 5) Look at him as he shambles along like that
3 & 4) Lets go & get some meat from the shambles
by RMR September 14, 2004
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an irish curse used when calling shotgun. can be used with the shotgun call "shotgun, no shambles" or if not used "shotgun", a second person can call shambles and they get shotty.
Person 1: Shotgun, no shambles
Person 2: Fuck

Person 1: Shotgun
Person 2: Shambles
Person 1: Fuck, you win
by carpetmuncher1011 March 28, 2010
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1. A word used by idiots who think they'll sound intelligent if they use it in a sentence.

2. The state in which Africa was left after the Europeans had their way with them.
"Aye, those Europeans left Africa in shambles."
by apgovt March 31, 2009
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A plural noun, which is treated as singular in construction of sentences, that has connotations of disorder, particularly when as a result of willful indiscipline.
How did that shambles ever get on the air?
Trying to get anything useful done over a video link always results in an unusable shambles.
Wow, episode 36 was an epic shambles.
by ubercurmudgeon January 19, 2011
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