a sex move that requires the female participant to have diarrhea. it involves the penis to be inserted into the female participant`s anus and to be swiftly removed, only for an explosion of hot mud-like feaces to erupt from the anus similar to the events of the film Deepwater Horizon.
bro im gonna try the deep water horizon with my girl ,yo
by yee-yee haircut February 26, 2020
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this means when a guy fucks a girl in the missonary position when she is very wet
jeremiah: first am gonna take a dive into the water deep
by sbwild88 September 23, 2009
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A rare deep water Jew is a Jew that spends most of his or her life under water collecting coins. Once they have enough coin they emerge for the the depths of the water in which they came from. Rare deep water Jews can be most commonly found in wishing wells, coin fountains and donation centers. Once the deep water Jew emerges they invest all the coin that collected into stocks and then spend the rest of their life's spreading the word of deep water jewdism.
Oi mate!! Did you see that rare deep water Jew stealing all that blokes money? I think he'll probably invest it somewhere.
by Rare Deep Water Jew March 07, 2017
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When you put feces In a condom, freeze it, take the condom off the shit and use it as a dildo on a girl. An Alaskan Pipeline without the condom.
Man I gave this girl a Deep Water Horizon this weekend, shit was messy.
by RawrIareDinosaur August 27, 2016
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