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Something of such low quality, of such minisquel value, that it might in fact be the least significant item in the universe.
I bought a brand new Rolex Daytona online. I paid $5,000 for it. When I got it in the mail, I opened the box, and it turned out to be a turd of shit. I hate myself.
by TangClock July 29, 2009
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AKA Worrywart - Someone who is always worrying about everything, whether it is a big deal or unimportant.
A Worry Wart "I don't know guys, I don't think we should go to Burger King, I've heard bad things about that place."
Someone Else "Shut the fuck up and stop being such a worry wart.
by TangClock February 17, 2009
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A hangover the morning after drinking green beer on St. Patrick's Day.
"Hey man! Did you have fun on St. Patty's Day?"
"I sure did bro. Me and the boys were HAMMERED!! I woke up naked on the 18th with the Green Tongue Plague!
by TangClock March 17, 2010
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To freeze. Often used as a synonym for thaw or defreeze, although this is hideously incorrect. It actually means the opposite, when taken literally. Don't argue it. You are wrong.
Pete "The pizza was frozen so I let it unthaw for half an hour."
Willy "Get the fuck out of here you hick. And for the record, it's 'thaw'."
by TangClock February 19, 2009
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A pimple which can easily be noticed by a person with normal vision. Much unlike a blind pimple.
Person 1 "Did you see that zit that Jimmy had on his nose?"
Person 2 "Of course I did. Everyone could. It was a 20/20 pimple for sure."
by TangClock May 17, 2009
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When at a buffet, when one finishes their plate, they sometimes have the kindness to wait for their fellow food pounding comrades to finish their plates as well. This begins halftime. When all are finished and ready for round 2 (or more), they all get up together and refill their plates. Gameplay resumes.
Guy #1: "Alright, I'm done of my plate."
Guy #2: "Aww man, I'm still not done of mine!"
Guy #1: "That's OK. I'll wait for you. Its halftime."
*pause until eating finishes*
Guy #1: "Alright then, are you ready?"
Guy #2: "Damn straight! Game on!"
by TangClock June 17, 2009
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The only part of a newspaper worth looking at. Located beside or near the crossword puzzles and cryptoquote. Famous funnies include Garfield, Family Circus, Andy Capp, and Peanuts.
Paper Boy - "Here's your paper, Susan."
Oliver (to Susan) - "Would you mind passing me the funnies once you're done?"
by TangClock February 16, 2009
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