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an expression meaning "you know what to do, no questions required".
answering machine greeting: "yeah its hipster, you know the drill."
.... beeeep!
by hipster June 2, 2004
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damn, wearing that monkey suit was hell....it was like 110 in the shade....that's the last time I get married in July!
by hipster May 21, 2007
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redundant and repetitive way of saying "the same old thing" or "nothing new"
"I'm always workin', slavin', every day.
gotta take a break from the same old, same old".

-from the song "(don't need) nothing but a good time" (Poison)
by hipster June 14, 2004
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people in thier teens to 20s who generally listen to indie rock, hang out in coffee shops, shop at the thrift store and talk about things like books, music, films and art.
I saw a bunch of hipsters hanging uot at the coffee shop today.
by hipster July 11, 2004
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the hair surrounding a girl's pussy, though there doesn't have to be a lot of it; often a nice trimmed bush can be classified as a pelt.
I love to brush Holly's soft pelt gently with my face and lips before giving her the full tongue treatment, this gets her all hot and wet so she'll be ready when I dive in for the kill!
by hipster August 21, 2007
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we're gonna put the plans for the new place on ice for a little while.
by hipster November 20, 2004
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verb: to "kill" someone - literally or figuratively
"if you ever bring up my ex's name around my current squeeze again.....so help me dude, I WILL flatline you!"

"I heard one of the perps got flatlined by the cops at that liquor store robbery last night."
by hipster November 18, 2006
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