The stereotypical phrase you say to your graduating class of high school!

You also can sing this to your friend Boots but only if your name is Dora.
by KAYJR November 27, 2013
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1) An ironic expression used by members of the social news site Reddit to bring undue credit to themselves for their involvement in the resolution of a major event, especially when the effectiveness of their crowdsourced efforts stands in dispute.

2) Used after Reddit members manage to collectively shame, shutdown, or exile a person/s from, a group, an organization, etc. with vigilante efforts and virtue signaling.
u/redditanon: Hey Reddit! We've identified the suspects of the Boston Marathon Bombings.
u/redditanon9000: WE DID IT REDDIT!
by CZSPNKr May 4, 2020
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Whenever making a congratulatory remark, this is what you say. Made popular by Kamala Harris when she and Joe Biden won the presidency.
Sam: Wow, I can’t believe we just won that relay race!
Cat: we did it Joe 😭😭
by Zozogabobo December 5, 2020
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The verbal expression of completion. Originally said by Kamala Harris when Joe Biden won the election.
Person One: Holy sh*t! I just won the competition!
Person Two: ~We did it, Joe~ *Verbal dilution into relieved mumbling*
by TransponderSnail February 14, 2022
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we dit it, we did it joe. you're gonna be the next president of the united states *relieved laughing*
when joe biden won VP kamala said "we did it joe"
by botoxqueen1968 lover April 7, 2021
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we reached a quarter of a million subscribers
so guys, we did it we reached a quater of a million subscribers, 250,000 subscribers and still growing
the fact that we reached this number in such a short amount of time is just phenomenal i-im just amazed, thank you all so much
for supporting this channel and helping it grow I-I love you guys, you guys are just awesome.
so as you can probably tell this isnt really a montage parody, this is really more like a kind thank you / update video
so in this video im quickly gonna go over two things: firstly advertisements, and more importantly : the future of this channel
and what kind of direction its headed.
okay so firstly, the advertisements. believe it or not but montage parodies are actually a copy right minefield
new content is getting claimed every day. we could use something from.. lets say.. 5 years ago, and tommorow a huge company could come along
by so guys, we did it September 1, 2018
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