Getting what you give~if you're mean, you get bad karma~bad things happen. If you're kindly & nice, you'll get good karma~good things will happen.
When I tried to spit on that bitch's car, it didn't work & I got bad karma. But plenty of other times I've been cool to people & have gotten good karma.
by Starchylde May 28, 2016
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Karma in simple words "is getting what you give" or reaping what you sow. There's good and bad karma but i think for you or anybody to really feel the effects of karma has to know what is right from wrong and people have a different ways of thinking and values. What might be right may be wrong to someone else, this is why life is confusing the negative force in the world cause us to question our purpose and why we are here if God is so good why do bad things have to happen. You can prevent bad karma by not associating with bad people or people who provoke you, because their toxicity can cause you to take it out on someone else usually someone that they feel is weak or if you are kindhearted person who doesn't have the heart to hurt someone it can drive you crazy slowly but surely to the point you'll lose it or think of suicide when it gets to be too much but most people turn to drugs or something else as an alternative to just ending their life. I would know cause if you stoop to their level and you know better you can bring bad on yourself. My mother toxicity caused me severe stress. And hanging around bad people you will begin to mimick them and do the things they do. So mediate, and be peaceful, and resilent but still stand up for yourself. You have to learn how to control your tongue and and anger, never fall prey to that eye for an eye trap. Your life will always be in a shaky state
John spit on a guy because the man called him a punk when he could have walked away so the next day someone spit in his face because John refused to talk to him when he said hello to him that's karma
by nhadsu August 30, 2012
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The Buddhist belief that whatever you do comes back to you, e.g. if you do something good, something good will happen to you, and vice versa.
I have good karma.
by wendy lane May 23, 2003
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1. One of the best Taylor Swift songs, it’s on her midnights album. If you haven’t listened to it, LISTEN TO IT.

2. Boyfriend

3. A god
4. The breeze in my hair on the weekend

5. Cat
6. Bounty hunter

7. Queen
8. The guy on the screen coming straight home to me

9. What goes around comes around. If you do good, then good things will happen. If you do bad, bad things will happen to you. What you put out is what you receive. Don’t be an asshole.
Karma is my boyfriend, karma is a god, karma is the breeze in my hair on the weekend.
Karma will get you in some way or another.
by like I’m gonna tell you December 19, 2022
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*Guy spills grape juice on his white T-Shirt*
Asshole: HAHAHAHA, nice going nerd!
*Asshole drinks some chocolate milk and spills it on his $200 jersey*
by WaiSoSerious January 19, 2010
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The number one rule in life to follow resulting in happiness
Number 1.
Stop thinking so much. You know who you genuinely are. Life is inevitably going to throw enormmous challenges at us. It will take its toll on us although the strength one holds is decided via choice which will make the outcome as difficult as you decide. Mentality and love is all you need. You've woken up and you will continue to over the years. Keep it real brother, even though it's complicated. Throw love around like confetti, accept reality, face you're mistakes, embrace your quirks rather than calling them mistakes, then your loyalty will gain you trust and respect and your plans will call into place. Be good to the world and the world will be good to you. Karma
by smartypartiiii June 6, 2015
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If you start a rumor karma is going to come and bite you in the ass
by Lauren2334 October 21, 2006
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