The sweet, larger than life movies you go see. You know, with the huge screen that's bigger than the ones at the movie theatre
DUDE! I just went and saw a movie on Imax! It was SAWEEET!
by movie_critic March 17, 2004
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to blow a load in a massive proportion. So big that it looks like it happened at an Imax theater.
-Dude I so just Imax'd all over the place!
~So filth
by kburb November 15, 2007
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it's one thing to have a five head, but if your forehead is so big it could be the staging ground for an imax show, then your (b's name) IMAX
did you see asian imax last night? damn that girl is beat...
by Dylan A August 16, 2006
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At a bachelor party when a female stripper lays a patron down on his back, squats over him, straddles his face, and rubs her vagina all over the bachelor's face.
She straddled the bachelor's face with her vagina and gave him the IMAX .
by martemar March 10, 2016
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1. An overused internet alias used by nerds to represent their first name (Max) and to incorporate the Apple slogon of i (ex: iPod) for Internet. They usually drink alot of milk, watch porn, play Battlefield 1942, and has a insecurity problem with their sexuality. Usually is tall, blonde, and doesn't own a shower. Listens to trashy music, and masturbates freely in their room.

2. An cinemaplex that wraps around a dome to create a full image as if it were real life. Used by large museums and cinemas.
iMax is a fagmar that got his name from his iPod.
by Atmos August 3, 2004
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A huge crap that splashes into the toilet loudly and that splashes so much that the water hits your cheeks.
"Geez, I just unloaded a freaking Imax."

"I feel a lot of pain in my cheeks after an Imax."
by drowningfish February 12, 2008
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Going to IMAX theater with your girl and fucking in the theater.
Yo babe, fuck netflix and chill, let's do something dangerous like IMAX and climax.
by Dude bro 1500 December 3, 2015
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