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Noun: A person, usually new to a game or forum, who is willing to get better. May devolve into a noob.
Newb: Hey, anyone know at what level I get the Fire Blade?
Experienced Player: At level 15.
Newb: Thanks. Also, where is Ronald for the quest "Cash Crops"?
Experienced Player: Just east of the Moon River where the rocks form a bridge.
Newb: Hold on... found him. Thanks!
by drowningfish February 10, 2008

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Somewhat 1337. Not quite 1337 yet, but they're getting there.
That shot was pretty 1336. Although, you could have lead your target and...
by drowningfish March 01, 2008

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A huge crap that splashes into the toilet loudly and that splashes so much that the water hits your cheeks.
"Geez, I just unloaded a freaking Imax."

"I feel a lot of pain in my cheeks after an Imax."
by drowningfish February 11, 2008

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Noun: Leetspeak on a whole new level. (extreme leetspeak)

Adj.: Greater than 1337.
_ _ _ _
_|_ /\ |\/| | 3 |-| |_| |3 3 |2 !!!!1!!11!!1eleven
(I am teh uber!!!!1!!11!eleven)

pwnerer: That game was 1338!
nooblet: No wai, it was only teh 1337
pwnerer: It really was 1338.
by drowningfish March 01, 2008

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A pretty cool country with a not-so-cool President. A ton of the population is Christian, lots of guys are obsessed with sports, hunting, and/or racing, lots of fat rednecks, etc. Maybe 85% of the population is made up of intelligent people, while the other 15% includes people like our President. Many other countries bash the U.S., thinking that we're all stupid. Not so. We're pretty dang rich and powerful, but we should donate to, like, the needy. And the environment.
President: Let's go to Iraq because a group of terrorists who blew up some towers say they're from Iraq.

Japanese/British/French/etc. person: The United States of
America sucks! If you're from the U.S. you're an idiot! Your IQ is, like, 10!

Foreign Internet Nerd Hacker Person: i will hack the united states of america!... here we go... aw crap firewalls.
by drowningfish March 01, 2008

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