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Frostwire is a peer-to-peer file sharing program that many people do not like to use because of viruses that you may accidentally download. But it's actually not that bad as long as you look at the information in the song and are able to tell whether or not it's a virus.
Frostwire is fine. Bascially, just don't be dumb. Here are a few things I use to tell whether or not a file contains a virus.
-If the song or artist is spelled incorrectly
-If there is no length shown
-If there is a different title other than the actual title of the song
-If the length of a song isn't that long but the size is like, over 10,000 KB
-Also, I only download mp3 files

All in all just pay attention to what you're searching and if you're paranoid like me scan each song using your anti-virus program.
by katie was here July 13, 2009
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An alternative to a popular p2p client Limewire. Frostwire runs on the same network (gnutella) as limewire and basically there are few differences between the two.People use frostwire nowdays because it doesn't have "copyright protection filters" like limewire does.
Frostwire came out in September 2005 and was made by a group of volunteers because RIAA threatened to sue limewire if they didn't stop the spreading of copyrighted material.So instead of going into court limewire implemented filters in their search engines (on their new versions) so people can't have access to "illegal stuff". But people liked the service limewire was providing so a bunch of people got together and made an alternative to limewire called frostwire.
-Dude i can't download my fav movie, limewire blocked it!

-Use frostwire instead...
by *666Pyro666* December 04, 2005
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