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A public toilet with attached restaurant facilities. The high standards of quality and cleanliness seen in the toilets do not apply to the food, however.
"I'll shit myself if I don't find a toilet soon..."
"Use the McDonalds, that's what it's there for."
by skin January 17, 2005
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its dr. pepper with a taste of vanilla and cherry. its really good if you drink it ice cold right out of the can.
kid: mommy, will you buy me a cherry vanilla dr. pepper?
mother: no son, we are way too poor. how about i buy you a cherry vanilla dr. skipper instead?
by skin May 16, 2005
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1. Adjective that describes something so ingenius and brilliant that it requires something much stronger to express it.
2. The ritualistic art of smashing backsides off concrete elephants, traditionally done to the beat of George Clinton and without wearing very much.
That's a staggeringly, bowel-shatteringly good plan!

The police suspect a bowel-shattering cult for the vandalism.
by skin March 18, 2004
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The act of a turd poking its top out of ones anus repeatedly
"Dude, pull the car over I gotta shit, I'm prarie dogging here"
by skin January 23, 2004
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a jacket worn buy punks. often a leather motorcycle jacket covered with bottons, studs, paint and other junk. goes good with some nice old doc martens.
look mommy! that skin head is beating up that punk!
by skin April 21, 2005
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