One of the most amazing bands ever. The lyrics are meaningful, something you can't say for a lot of bands these days. The vocals and guitars and drums are astonishing. One of the best things about them is they actually communicate with their fans and they're so generous and so friendly to everyone. They actually have a digital bundle package on sale on iTUNES that includes the newly released single Actions & Motives, a live interview video, and an acoustic version of the song Russian Roulette. And it's only $1.99 They truly are a great great band.
"Are you going to buy the digital bundle package on iTUNES that 10 Years has for sale?"
"Oh, hell yes I am!"
by Lindsayreneex3 May 27, 2009
A kick ass band with awesome guitar, and awesome lyrics
"Cast it out watching your eyes, Casting out watching your eyes bleed dry"
Me: 10 Years Rules
Some Guy: No They Suck
Me: No You Suck Gay Man
by Cast it out February 15, 2008
an alternative metal band that formed in 2000.there sound is generally on the same wavelengths of chevelle,a perfect circle and tool(though they aren't nearly as complex as tool,of course)but very comparable to tool as i said due to the fact that 1.jesse hasek's voice has a very maynard like tone to it and 2.bassist louis cosby's playing can at times be similar to justin chancellor(listen to "fault line")they are more or less radio friendly though,but they are EXTREMELY underated.i suggest their 2005 album "the autumn effect".as of current times,they did change their sound quite a bit though.
10 years albums

*into the half moon(2001)-i have yet to listen to it,as well as the second album
*killing all that holds you(2004)
*the autumn effect(2005)
*division(2008)-an ok album,they changed to a more upbeat sound which reminded me of shinedown.i didn't like it that much though.
by y2c November 12, 2009
A person taking a very long amount of time.
If someone takes longer than average person.
Wasting time.
wow, that took 10 years!
finally!, 10 years later.
your taking 10 years!
by bradley aka patty May 29, 2009
Someone who knows 50 or more terms for the act of mastrubation and intends to publish them all on line. He does this because it makes him giggle uncontrollably, and will elevate his stauts among his fellow 10 year olds.
heh! hee! hee! I just published a word that meant mastrubation. I have the maturity level of an 10 year old. My friends will think I'm cool!
by Tenarr June 22, 2005
The feeling of needing some sort sexual pleasure.
I haven't gotten laid in 3 days, my dick has got the 10 year itch, like a bitch.
by Creams16 February 6, 2009