1. The Canadian version of Ikr(I know, right?), where as Ike means "I know, eh?"

2. A character in South Park. Brother of Kyle Broflovski, and is ironically, Canadian.
Guy 1: "Yo the party yesterday was sooo sick!!!"
Canadian Guy: "Ike?!"

Kyle's Mom: "Kyle, we have to tell you something. Ike... he's Canadian."
Kyle: "WTF NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
by Hojin :P May 9, 2010
Strong Category 2 Hurricane that fucked up Galveston, Bolivar, Houston, SADGHsadghsd'ghks THE WHOLE DAMN PLACE!!

and my aunties house!
Hurricane Ike whipped our ass when it blew through Houston.

Hurrican Ike caused the power to go out in my area.
by OMGItsIsaias October 9, 2008
To cause physical harm and/or bodily injury to your spouse. Otherwise known as spousal abuse. Origin: Ike Turner. To smack your bitch up.
"My bitch didnt wanna fix me sumthin to eat so I iked the shit outa her and sent her stank ass to bed."
by rhonda October 9, 2004
A character from Fire Emblem that uses a 2 handed sword with one hand! He also has blue hair.
Ike is the character that is replacing Marth in Super Smash bros. Brawl.
by Thedarkyoshi August 28, 2007
To bitch slap someone, usually (but not always) someone who you have an intimate relationship with.
From Ike and Tina Turner, a couple notorious for their 'alleged' fighting, especially the physical abuse he gave to her (which he denied doing at all.)
Usually said/used with a sense of false/unrightous indignation.
"Baby, I HATE when you make me, but you best be quittin that shit you is pullin' or else I'm gonna HAVE go off and Ike your bitch ass!!!"
by Omar825 March 22, 2008