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A mystical and unpredictable sea creature that is most commonly found in the lakes spotted around British Columbia, Canada.

It's shell like form, pink top and blue bottom, are all inviting features to help it in it's attempts to snatch up innocent lake goers with it's hidden, but deathly sharp teeth.

The Crakin is roughly the size of a pool floaty.

The Crakin's favorite place to reside is Lake Osoyoos. It's slimly lake floor is the ideal habitat for the slime-breathing creature. And the high concetration of people on the the beaches, makes finding a meal easy for the crakin.
'I just saw the Crakin!'
'Did it look like a poll floaty and have a pink top?'
"duuuuddddeee. you saw the Crakin!"
by f a c k June 16, 2009
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