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An old person whos white hair appears blue. Usally it is the only thing you can see over the steering wheel of the car they are driving.
by JohnH May 13, 2005
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Noun: An eldery female, usually with curled, grey-blue hair.
The bluehair cut me off in the fast lane.
by Scaryberry January 21, 2004
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An old person who should have their drivers license revoked because they can't see over the goddamn steering wheel.
If this blue hair doesn't kick it up to at least 20 mph on the freeway, I'm gonna run his ass into the guard rail and wave the double duece at him....AAAAUGGGHHH !!!
by Poster Nutbag June 03, 2003
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An old person, but especially a slick, well-dressed retiree that still thinks that they have it going on.
After the U of A game, all the Arizona blue hairs made a run for the border to score some cheap Viagra in Nogales.
by J Willard January 12, 2008
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One of the hottest hair-dye colours.
Shares the title with: red, green, pink, orange, purple, and black.
by ClockworkRose January 08, 2005
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A visual shorthand for a young woman to tell the world how much of a special snowflake she is, while also unintentionally declaring her derangement and status as damaged goods. Popular with Twitter feminists, trans-activists, ANTIFA groupies and many other species of entitled , middle-class millennials who are keen on mental and physical self-harm.
Hipster: check out the blue hair on that sister. I'm digging her stand against The Patriarchy!

Sir Ignatius Blight: Indeed, she marks herself out as so deranged and zealous in her jejune consumer feminism that any intimacy with any self-respecting male is positively token. Now finish up ingesting your soy and go play in traffic together, degenerates.
by Klaatu's Nikto October 17, 2018
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A necessity in anime. All the characters should have blue hair.
And for some reason, Id have blue hair. I mean, you gotta have blue hair. -Strong Bad
by ! April 05, 2003
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