Inverse kinematics, used extensively in character animation.

IK is the opposite of FK, forward kinematics. In FK, you move and rotate bones in order to make movement. For an arm (eg), you rotate the shoulder, the arm, the forearm, then the hand, to maybe get your character to hold something.

In IK, you'd start with the hand using an IK target, and move up from there if necessary.
Professional animator: IK is useless. Use motion capture instead if you want to really make moneys.
Hobby animator: IK is a lifesaver!
Noob animator: IK?
by meselfs May 20, 2005
The Canadian version of ikr. Stands for "I know, eh?"
Buddy: "this new maple syrup is GREAT!"
Joe: "ike"

Don: "the leafs rock"
Guy: "dude the leafs ttly suck you hoser"
Bob: "ike"
by Lesath October 9, 2009
1) The best at everything.

2) The king or the best at a specific something.
1) I am really Iking.

2) He is an Iking in basketball.
by Bokwellington Mcjollyspaghetti February 4, 2010
v. - To hit a woman in the mouth (i.e. Ike Turner) short for "Ike in the jib"
"Bob's girlfriend cheated on him now he's walkin around like he wants to Ike a bitch."
by John September 16, 2004
Named after its founder, Ike Turner, iked is a word used to describe slapping someone up. "don't make me tell you again, or you'll get iked!"
Rhymes with Biked.
by fee-oh-door June 12, 2003
when you hit a pipe or bong filled with weed really really hard like when ike hit tina turner
Damnnnn you guys!!! Nikki just iked that shit, man!
by Roger Mattson,nikki woo February 19, 2008
Used in Pittsburg around the hill district,meaning,hommie,friend,family etc
black person 1:wats good ike
black person 2:oh im jus chillin ike knephs
by lashonda October 15, 2006