Ike- ++Correction Notice++ Let this stand as a correction. Considering that there is already several definitions of this term, I will agree to disagree with what these people have to say.

Ike is a term that was born in the 90s from the people in the Pittsburgh neighborhood, The Hill District. Ike was a member of the Bloods gang who was killed in the lower Hill by a rival gang member. The definition that says his name was used by Bloods only is false. Is has been used by everyone in the neighborhood since he was killed in the early 90s. The man Issac was killed in the 70s and there was no remenance of this man from the people who use this term. The Bloods gang was not in Pittsburgh when this man was killed.

This has changed in the neighborhood from being a tribute to Ike to a common slang term that shows respect for all dead soldiers of this hood. Most people who knew who Ike was do not use this term unless they are truthful and honest about the subject that is at hand. Only people from the Hill are able to say this term. If you dont know what it means dont say it and dont try to define it.
On the Nephs, Ike!
Ay Ike, This bitch said this.....!
What are you saying, Ike?
by Nova25 December 24, 2009
whatup ike?

definition: this one is kinda tough. easiest way to define it, is it's kinda like the word dude. but you can only use it when you're talking to someone directly. you can say " i aint even tryin to hear that ike" or " whassup iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike" but you can't talk about someone indirectly, such as " look at that ike over there" or "that ike aint hard" also, it can't be pluralized.

history: "ike", short for issac, was an infamous drug lord that lived on the hill district in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. the hill is pretty much the hardest part of pittsburgh, run by the bloods((if u dont know what a blood is, kill yourself)) anyways, Ike was shot and killed one night in a gunfight with rivals, and was hailed as a hero to the bloods. since then the bloods have been calling each other by his name as a sign of respect.
"whatup ike?"

"hey ike, lemme hold one of dem squares right quick"

"niggas aint got this pimp game ike"
by Andy Boner January 27, 2005
Usually shy boy, very funny and can make anyone laugh. Is the man with the ladies and can show good loving.
by dopexephos December 22, 2016
A blue haired sword-user from Super Smash Bros. Brawl and the well-known Fire Emblem series who fights for his friends and does crack and heroine. He is also father to Sothe's children.
"I fight for my friends... I also do crack and heroine!" -From the video "Ike fights for his friends!"

"Right. Lord Ike, "hero" of the Crimean Liberation, leader of Greil Mercenaries, and father to Sothe's children..." -Excerpt from Micaiah's words.
by Ilyana the Gluttonette July 23, 2008
I like Ike. - Common campaign slogan of his preidential campaign.
by The Big H February 19, 2005
tall. stubborn. sporty.is dyslexic. nice.good looking and extremely sexy
by Frank February 23, 2019